Fine of up to 3,000 lei for a simple detail related to the car: you don’t even realize it

The Road Code for Romanian drivers came with important changes in 2022, and details that you would have neglected in other conditions, now, can be reflected in generous fines. It would be best to make an effort and inform yourself about legislative changes.

Not infrequently, you get in the car and head off. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You may omit that it is so dirty that your visibility in traffic is endangered. You may forget to take a look at the first aid kit to make sure it includes everything you need and that it has not expired. Last but not least, maybe you put a foil on your car windows and didn’t pay much attention to the homologation part. Unfortunately, all these features can be reflected in fabulous fines if you interact with a traffic police officer.

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Road Code 2022 – fabulous fine for car posters

According to the new legislative text that Romanian drivers must comply with, “the application of posters, advertisements, inscriptions or accessories on the windshield, rear window or side windows that restrict or blur visibility” violates the law. This rule in road law defines a Class IV fine.

Consequently, if you put something on your car windows and you don’t see as well as when that something didn’t exist, you can wake up with a fine of between 9 and 20 penalty points. In Romania, from 2018 until now, a fine point has remained at 145 lei. Thus, the fine that you can receive if you endanger your visibility on the traffic inside the car, you will pay between 1305 and 2900 lei.

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The same class of contraventions includes “the application of chemical treatments or foils on the windshield, rear window or side windows”, the only legal option being the use of treatments and foils approved or certified by the Romanian Auto Registry.

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