Fine of 10,000 lei for a gesture you have seen a hundred times: what a taxi driver did

While a significant percentage of Romania’s population is trying to lend a helping hand to Ukrainian refugees, a taxi driver in Bucharest has tried the opposite. It didn’t take long for his seemingly trivial gesture, a constant in the Capital, to cost him 10,000 lei.

Three refugees from Ukraine tried to get into a taxi in Bucharest. By virtue of inertia, instead of setting the clock, the taxi driver tried to negotiate the ride. That’s what he did all his life, that’s what almost all his friends do. This time, however, the gesture did not go unnoticed, and the fact that he did not use the watch and tried to inflate the price cost no less than 10,000 lei, in the form of a fine from the Community Police.

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A fabulous and much smaller fine for taxi drivers in Bucharest

However, the taxi driver who was fined 10,000 lei is no exception, in the context in which several Ukrainians arrived in Bucharest this week. A colleague of his was fined 500 lei after he simply refused to transport a family of Ukrainians to the hotel.

According to the Local Police of the Capital, on Tuesday morning, at the Filaret Bus Station, where several refugees from Ukraine were looking for guidance and transport to safe areas, the opportunity to make some extra money on the backs of those hit by fate was immediately speculated by a driver. taxi that decided to offer its services. The driver wanted to make a small trip without a charger, in exchange for a sum of money much higher than the real cost of the trip.

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His bad luck was that the seemingly trivial gesture was caught by the local police. When they noticed that three Ukrainian refugees got into the car, the taxi light was turned off and the charging device, which was put out of service, was fined. The taxi driver has to pay no less than 10,000 lei, in addition to the fact that his taxi license has been withheld. The second taxi driver, fined 500 lei for refusing to make a trip, ordered the retention of the professional certificate.

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