Meta pays celebrities millions to use their likeness for AI –

You may soon look at social media and see what you think is a video of your favorite creator, but it’s actually an AI, as Meta prepares to lose its AI assistants in the wild.

Celebrities like MrBeast, Kendall Jenner, Tom Brady and more have been used as assistants, with one unnamed creator getting $5 million for 6 hours of work. Not a bad day at the office.

However, it seems these celebrities will not act like themselves when used for AI. Kendall Jenner, for example, plays a character named Billie. She will give users advice and act as a kind of big sister. Tom Brady, on the other hand, is knowledgeable about sports and plays a chatbot named Bru.

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Which celebrity would you be most interested in chatting with?

Thanks, Business Insider.

Meta pays celebrities millions to use their image for AI

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