Find out how Anthony Scaramucci sees the crypto-currency market and why you should invest in it

The sense of urgency to accept bitcoin (BTC) as a mainstream financial asset may not be warranted, as the first digital currency is still in its infancy. According to Anthony Scaramucci, a renowned investor and bitcoin advocate, the hasty dismissal of bitcoin by Wall Street powerhouses Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger will fade when the two veterans’s story is reviewed.

According to Anthony Scaramucci, it took Buffett and Munger about 40 years before they could accept Apple as a viable investment product. At the time of its inception, Apple, under the leadership of founder Steve Jobs, was considered one of the most promising technology companies with the most groundbreaking innovations of the time.

Anthony Scaramucci believes that if it took this long for these established and successful investors to embrace Apple, then there is more than enough time to embrace Bitcoin. With Bitcoin being just 14 years old, Anthony Scaramucci pointed out that there are still about 26 years to go before Apple breaks its record.

The duo of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger are known to be the oldest of bitcoin’s staunch detractors. Recently, 99-year-old Charlie Munger called for a ban on bitcoin like China did, a comment that likely prompted Anthony Scaramucci to tweet.

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Peter Schiff’s Grooming

It is not uncommon to see influential Wall Street players deride bitcoin on the basis that the digital currency has no intrinsic value.

With their respective ages, it’s safe to say that they’re setting the stage for people like Peter Schiff to take up the mantle of denouncing bitcoin’s investors and supporters. While Buffett and Munger’s critiques are seasonal, Peter Schiff is more consistent with his bearish projections for the crypto ecosystem.

One thing remains clear, however: the number of active and vocal supporters of bitcoin currently outnumbers its detractors, a trend that has an underlying benefit for the nascent asset class.

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