Final Fantasy 16 would cause PS5 to overheat and crash – That’s Gaming

Final Fantasy 16 has proved an unexpected success for Square Enix, with rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, and a strong sales start with more than three million copies sold at launch. However, despite this action-RPG’s smooth start, it seems to be causing some players some rather unusual problems.

As reported by Push Square, Final Fantasy 16 is causing overheating and complete crashes on some PS5 consoles. Several users on social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter have reported that the problem seems to occur during a specific scene in the game, and only when the game is run in Graphics Mode, which prioritizes higher resolution with an FPS limitation of 30.

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A common aspect in many of these reports is that there is little to no dust accumulation in the consoles crashing, and that the devices are located in well-ventilated areas, further indicating that the problem may be game-related rather than hardware-related.

Square Enix has not yet acknowledged the problem or offered a fix. Until it does, it may be wise to play the game exclusively in Performance Mode as a precaution.

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