Aston Martin pushes further into electric cars -.

Aston Martin is stepping up its efforts in electric vehicles, as the team has now confirmed in a press release that it is doubling down on its intention to “leading luxury high performance electric vehicles” to create.

This commitment comes as Aston Martin has now signed a new supply agreement with Lucid Group, a company that will help the supercar maker advance its electrification strategy and growth. Lucid’s current and future powertrain and battery technology would be at the center of Aston Martin’s Battery Electric Vehicle platform in the future.

Executive chairman of Aston Martin, Lawrence Stroll, said this deal is a “game changer for Aston Martin’s future EV-led growth.” and that in addition to its partnership with Mercedes-Benz, the automaker is now “has two world-class suppliers to support the internal development and investment we are making to deliver our electrification strategy.”

This deal with Lucid is also the next phase of Aston Martin’s £2 billion investment in “advanced technologies” over the next five years, a process by which the car company will leave internal combustion engines behind for its ESO platform.

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Aston Martin pushes further into electric cars
Aston Martin

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