Final Fantasy 16 Update is Live, comes with new outfits and more – That’s Gaming

Final Fantasy 16 had a pretty big weekend full of announcements, as producer Naoki Yoshida announced the PC version and two parts of paid DLC that are in development. More details on both are coming before the end of the year, but for now PS5 players can enjoy the latest update.It adds new costumes for Clive and Jill and transmog for your weapon, allowing you to equip the appearance of each unlocked sword. As if that wasn’t enough, everyone gets the Onion Sword from Final Fantasy 3. Like the new outfits and weapon transmog, you have to reach a specific point in the story to redeem it, and the stats are similar to the Braveheart and Blood Sword.Other features in the update include cooldown times specified in the Abilities menu, increased time for small enemies to be vulnerable in the air for follow-up attacks and more. Check out the full patch notes and trailer to see the new outfits (though beware of story spoilers).

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