Film your greatest adventures in 4K and 120 FPS with the GoPro Hero 11 and mini action cam on offer

You did the first somersault?  Climbed the first peak or won the first race?  Capture the moment forever with a GoPro action cam.

You did the first somersault? Climbed the first peak or won the first race? Capture the moment forever with a GoPro action cam.

Anyone who thinks of an action cam imagines a GoPro. The small but fine cameras have been accompanying our adventures and sporting highlights for almost twenty years. And the focus has always been that the GoPro has to be tough.

Whether on land, in the water or in the air. With a GoPro action cam you can film all your adventures in the highest image quality and with amazing stability. So grab these offers now.

Film your travels & adventures with a GoPro

Waterproof & Robust – The GoPro HERO11 black and mini

Accidents are part of life. A fall while riding a bike, a collision in a kart race or a man overboard while sailing. What usually hurts at the beginning is, some time later, a story worth sharing.

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A GoPro accompanies you on your adventures and also when something goes wrong. The small cameras are not only completely waterproof, they are also particularly robust in other respects.

GoPro models on sale now cheaper

GoPro underwater

Without an extra housing, the GoPro is waterproof up to 10 meters. If you really go diving, you grab the case with the blue light filter.

..and on the slopes

As a passionate skier, I also film my rides on and off the slopes with a GoPro.

Prepared for every sport: the GoPro action cam

Was ist GoPro Hypersmooth?!

Anyone who has ever tried to take action-packed shots of themselves, their family or friends knows that in the end you only see shaky chaos and no YouTube-ready action scenes.

GoPro Hypersmooth for incredibly stable recordings. The GoPro invention uses clever software and a huge image sensor for shake-free recordings – even when riding a motorcycle or mountain bike at high speed. Since the sensor has many more pixels than 4K, jerks and wobbles can be perfectly compensated.

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Here GoPro himself shows what this technology is capable of:

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Secure the offer and your own GoPro now. Whether it’s about your next trip, your greatest sporting successes or the funniest mishap – tell us about it with pictures and videos in the future. As you know, they say more than a thousand words.

Your own GoPro is now super cheap

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