Vrancea starts digitalization in 2022: Tech generation launches the first scholarship program in 2022 and prepares young people from Vrancea for the jobs of the future

Digital Nation, in partnership with Vrancea County Council and Metale International, announces the first edition of the 2022 Generation Tech program and the first in Vrancea. The partnership comes in the context of a common vision related to the development of a regional digital core, which should be harmonized with the other more developed areas of the country in this respect.

The Tech Generation program offers digital and IT skills training programs for young people and includes the following specializations: Web Design, Beginner Web Development, Advanced Web Development, Advanced Java, and Fullstack Advanced JavaScript. The young people enrolled will enter a selection stage, and those admitted will benefit from professional training and support in obtaining entry-level jobs or internships in the IT&C field. Registrations for Generația Tech programs are made at: GeneratiaTech.ro/Vrancea

Focsani Civic Center

“The start is the most important! At the beginning of the year, in school, in his career, in building a modern and high-performing community. Today we announce the support of the training courses in digital skills and IT Tech Generation, a project aimed at the development of local communities and young people, which comes for the first time in Vrancea. The Tech Generation is a program with proven results in all the communities in which it has been involved and we are happy to receive it in our country as well. Digitization and enhancement of local human potential are important directions on our agenda. We hope that this public-private partnership will be continued throughout the year, in order to support the young people of Vrancea and to build step by step a digital nucleus that will harmonize with the other more developed areas from this point of view. And as I said, the start is the most important! Vrancea takes a new start with the Tech Generation! ”declares Cătălin Toma, the president of the Vrancea County Council.

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In addition, Valentin Resmerita, General Manager of Metals International Focșani: “Metale International is not only a top construction company, but also a community building company. From the beginning, we wanted to constantly invest in supporting local initiatives. As we always say: we do well at home. Over time, we have chosen initiatives and projects in various fields, but which promised the same thing: to support the development of Focșani municipality and Vrancea county region. We are happy to announce that at the beginning of a new year we are involved with Digital Nation and Vrancea County Council in supporting the Generation Tech scholarships, a new long-term project, this time for young people, accelerating local development and implicitly the future of Vrancea. Learning, digitalization and technology are a permanent part of our lives, at work, at home, in the community. And that is why it is important to prepare for the future together, investing in the talent and potential of the present. We will keep a company with a young and entrepreneurial soul as long as we recognize the talent at the beginning of the road. Young people in Vrancea may now have a better chance of transforming the local community and developing it towards a sustainable future. After all, home is the best place to start building. We invite young people from Vrancea to be part of the Tech Generation, an innovative project, for the first time in our community. ”

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