Fiat’s newest Topolino goes all-electric –

If you are looking for a quirky and small car that can best be described as cute, Fiat has a solution for you. With the beloved Fiat 500s, the Italian automaker has now drawn the curtain on the latest iteration of the Topolino, with this now an all-electric vehicle that aims to once again conquer the urban mobility scene.

As unveiled in a press release, we are told that this four-wheeler is designed to “change the encapsulate the coolness of the Fiat 500″ while being tailored to younger audiences, families and city lovers.

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There is no word on when the car will debut or what price range it will appear to hit, but we are told it is the next step in Fiat’s plan to go all-electric.

Fiat's newest Topolino goes all-electric

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