Fernandez calls on Argentines to protect democracy “from those who despise it”.

The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, has called on Tuesday on the country’s citizens to take care of the institutions and protect democracy “from all those who despise it”.

This is what he said during a convention of the Argentine Chamber of Construction (CAMARCO) in which he stressed that “it is not them or us. It is all of us, the people of the Argentine nation”.

“The attempted assassination of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, in addition to its human dimension, is of enormous political and institutional gravity. The Argentine people were shocked and took to the streets to express their repudiation. There was not a single act of violence. There was not a single broken window”, stressed the head of state, according to a statement from the Casa Rosada.

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The president thanked the head of CAMARCO, Gustavo Weiss, and the president of the Argentine Industrial Union, Daniel Funes de Rioja, for having participated in the meeting with members of civil society that he called at the Casa Rosada last Friday to repudiate this event “of such institutional gravity”.

For this reason, he has assured that “it is a sign of political maturity to see Argentine businessmen committed to institutionality, repudiating violence and voices that hurt the much needed national unity”.

“We need to be able to grow in peace and united. We will not achieve these purposes if we do not assume once and for all the obligation we have to guarantee democratic coexistence”, added Fernández during the event.

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“If this is our objective, let us not give more space to those who cultivate hatred, to those who make use of the freedom of opinion to defame and discourage the people, to those who rise up in democracy only to discredit it with speeches that do not cease to repudiate it, to those who sow violence with the sole purpose of confronting us”, he added.

The President of Argentina called for building with an impact on reality “so that the changes that Argentina has been demanding for a long time can begin to take place”.

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