FaZe Clan expands ‘FaZe Fridays’ series this 2024 and plans to offer $1M in prizes

The North American eSports organization FaZe Clan has expanded its “FaZe Fridays” weekly video game tournament series.with cash prizes worth $1M in 2024.. The tournaments will feature a number of titles such as. Call of Duty and Fortnite, and will combine online and LAN events.

Prizes worth $25,000 will be given away each week. among outstanding players, creators and streamers, who “must meet unique criteria.” Highlights from 2024 events, including best plays and MVPs, will be shared through FaZe’s channels and sweepstakes will also be held throughout the series.

Internet Service Provider Xfinity, owned by Comcasthas been confirmed as Series partner, having also sponsored the first FaZe Fridays in 2023. According to a release, those tournaments exceeded 82M minutes watched and garnered more than 20M impressions on social media.

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More than $1M in cash prizes will be awarded throughout 2024 with the help of FaZe Clan’s “key partners and sponsors”according to the North American organization. FaZe also noted that the expanded series will unlock a multi-million dollar revenue opportunity. for the organization.

This comes a few months after the GameSquare company announced it would acquire FaZe Clan following a continued drop in the value of its stock since going public in July 2022. More recently, FaZe announced a partnership with cryptocurrency casino and trading platform Rollbit to sponsor its Counter-Strike 2 team.

FaZe Fridays have provided us with an incredible platform to highlight Xfinity as the network that connects FaZe Clan with some of the top players. We are thrilled that our brand and product have this visibility and drive authentic conversation among one of the hardest to reach, but most engaged audiences. We are excited to build on the success of the first tournament series and support more FaZe Fridays in the future.

Mark Cruz, Senior Director, Brand Partnerships, Comcast

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