“Fall Guys” hits Switch, Xbox and Epic Games Store: when you can play it

It’s been over a year since Mediatonic confirmed that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch. After a few delays, the wait is almost over.

Battle Royale is coming to those platforms as well as the Epic Games Store on June 21st. A dedicated version for PlayStation 5 is also on its way. The game will be available on all platforms, according to Engadget.

In addition, Fall Guys will be free-to-play. Epic made a move similar to the Rocket League. Existing PlayStation and Steam players will receive a package that includes three costumes and other bonuses.

It’s not a huge shock that Fall Guys is coming to the Epic Games Store – Epic bought last year the parent group Mediatonic, Tonic Games. Users need an Epic account to play Fall Guys in November.

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Fall Guys, available June 21

A new season will also begin on June 21st. Mediatonic resets the counter and calls it Season 1: Free For All. It will be the first seasonal update in November and, as always, there will be new levels. For the first time, there will be a premium season ticket (ie paid) with 100 levels and bonuses. Those who receive the permit will receive free access to the premium season permit for season one. A free seasonal permit will still be available with other unlockable items.

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There is another big update on the way: a level creator. It has been announced as “under construction” and, although it will not be arriving anytime soon, it is an interesting feature to look forward to.

The game debuted on PS4 and Steam in August 2020 and was an instant success, garnering millions of players on the PC in just a few days and becoming the most famous game in PlayStation Plus history at the time. It seems that the number of players has dropped quite a bit since the first days – having longer and longer seasons probably didn’t help. However, the arrival of Fall Guys on multiple platforms, the change of free-to-play and a new season should bring new players.

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