Cadillac wants to fight Tesla: what’s going on with Lyriq

Customers will have the option of 2 years of unlimited EV Go or a $ 1,500 home charger credit.

Cadillac released more details about the vehicle and its features before reopening online orders for its highly anticipated Lyriq EV on May 19th. The crossover will start at $ 62,990 and only $ 2,000 extra for its 4WD variant. In addition, Cadillac is improving the business, including either two years of unlimited public charging via EV Go, or a credit of up to $ 1,500 for a QMerit home charging unit.

Orders will open for both RWD and AWD versions later this week. Customers will have two additional exterior paint options – Opulent Blue Metallic and Crystal White Tricoat – to choose from. Customers should expect RWD models to arrive first – it will come this fall after the summer production of Lyriq Debut Edition ends.

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A rival for Tesla?

AWD models should reach dealers by early next year. Cadillac has also unveiled EPA-rated 500km mileage for the RWD Lyric, which puts the new model in direct competition with Tesla.

The company also announced that it is working with both the EV Go charging station network and home charging system installers QMerit to help reluctant buyers. Customers will have a choice of two charging options included: two years of unlimited charging sessions at over 850 EV Go stations, or a discount of up to $ 1,500 for installing a Level 2 AC charging unit at home .

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The option for the public charging option will be faster, while the home charging method will not require you to stay in the parking lot for 45 minutes while Lyric’s batteries recharge.

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