a16z is working on a rollup client for Optimism

The American VC Andreessen Horowitz unveiled Magia client rollup to provide more diversity of clients to the network Optimism.

After tweeting a mysterious image of an orange circle that had questioned a part of the ecosystem, Noah Citronengineer at a16z cryptohas finally lifted the veil on a customer dedicated to layer2 Optimism.

In a blog post on Wednesday, Citron explains that the move stems from the fact that the Customer diversity is important for rollupsas much as for Ethereum.

We are excited to take our very first step into the Optimism Collective by releasing Magi, an extremely fast OP Stack rollup client developed in Rust,” wrote the blockchain engineer.

Until today, there was only one rollup client named op-node and developed in Go by OP Labs. A client is a software that allows to connect and interact with a blockchain network, thus acting as a user interface.

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Citron hopes this new client will bring more security and boost the Optimism ecosystem. Under development, Magi is currently “still far” from being a viable alternative to op-node, according to the announcement.

a16z is one of the largest investors in the sector crypto. The VC has launched a $4.5 billion fund dedicated to this nascent industry.

Last year, he was leading a $150 million Series B for Optimism.

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