Explorado.ro, the first Live Shopping and Lifestyle online store, has been launched

Autumn brings great news for all online shopping lovers, from fashion, to home & deco, gadgets, tech and childcare.

International Alexander Holding, one of the most successful local transport and logistics companies, announced the launch of Explorado.ro, the first Live shopping and lifestyle platform in Romania.

Live Commerce – A new online shopping experience

Explorado.ro is more than just online shopping. It comes with a whole new approach to online commerce in Romania, combining classic eCommerce with Live Commerce.

The Live Commerce phenomenon has been gaining momentum globally in recent years and has been successfully adopted by major players in this segment. On the Romanian market, there are eCommerce players that have started to test this new business model, but Explorado is the first retailer for which Live Commerce is part of its DNA.

The Explorado.ro platform combines a classic shop area, where customers can discover and buy products from a growing catalogue of top brands, just like they would on any online store, and the Explorado Live area, where content creators can launch live streams through which they can interact with their communities, showing them different items as they take them out of the boxes and test them. What’s more, content creators can be Live from anywhere they want: from home, from the coffee shop, or, in the future, even from the Explorado studio.

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Explorado Live means everything happens in real time. Followers can leave comments, get answers, and access information about featured products much more easily, and they also have the opportunity to buy them. On Explorado.co.uk, online shopping is transformed into exploration, entertainment and adventure, content creators are encouraged to be creative and users are encouraged to discover their authentic style.

Hot brands and inspirations for all moments

Although just launched, the online store Explorado.ro is entering the Romanian fashion and lifestyle market with a broad and fast-growing portfolio of products and brands, from big, mainstream and premium brands to own brands, for the first time on the Romanian market.

Currently, among the brands users can find on the platform are Desigual, Sprayground, Liu Jo, Scotch & Soda, Skechers, Karl Lagerfeld, Lancôme and Urbanista.

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Whether it’s Gen Z style, sporty, casual or elegant, Explorado.ro offers clothing options and sources of inspiration, supporting people to express themselves as they feel and want to.

In addition to these, Explorado.ro offers customers a broad portfolio of products in the Home & Deco, Beauty & Body Care, Childcare & Baby Care, Tech, IT and Gadgets categories.

About the Explorado.ro project

Explorado.ro launches after a period of development from scratch of its own platform and technologies. It is a project financed 100% with Romanian capital, the investment in the Explorado.ro platform being fully supported by International Alexander Holding, the Romanian company owned by entrepreneurs Simion and Loredana Apreutese. With this investment, International Alexander Holding marks their expansion in the business to consumer online retail area.

International Alexander Holding aims to create an eCommerce ecosystem adapted to the current technologies and needs of the online shopping universe. Today, the Explorado.ro project is Live and aims to provide its users with engaging shopping experiences tailored to their needs and to create more tangible experiences with the products sold, compared to the limited experience offered so far by online commerce.

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