EU offers free vaccines to China to fight covid-19 wave

The European Union has offered China free vaccines against covid-19 virus for to help the Asian country to cope with the massive outbreak being recorded by the Chinese authorities after lifting restrictions.

The initiative of the European Commissioner for Health, Stella Kyriakides, would have taken place in the last few days, before a meeting of the EU Health Commission, with the aim of. to organize a European response to the wave of infections, several officials have told the newspaper ‘Financial Times’.

Commissioner Kyriakides would have thus moved closer to her Chinese counterparts, who. would not have given any response to the offer for the time being, according to the source consulted by the aforementioned newspaper.

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“The European Union is ready to offer its support, including public health expertise and vaccine donations,” the commissioner indicated a few days ago through her profile on the social network Twitter.

“The global threats to health require transparency, solidarity and coordinated approaches across borders. We need to work together to address the impacts of the covid-19 situation in China.” Kyriakides explained.

The international community has called for transparency from the Chinese authorities, as they doubt the data provided in terms of numbers of deaths and infected.

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Meanwhile, some countries have implemented controls for travelers arriving from China, since the authorities lifted restrictions due to public demonstrations against Xin Jinping’s policies. ‘covid zero’.

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