EU criticizes Erdogan’s ‘hostile comments’ on Greek Aegean islands

The European Union has come to Greece’s defense after criticizing on Monday “hostile comments” by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the Greek islands in the Aegean and calling on Ankara to avoid a “rhetorical escalation.”

Speaking at a press conference from Brussels, EU foreign spokesman Peter Stano acknowledged that Erdogan’s “hostile” comments “against Greece” are “a source of concern.” “The EU’s position is that we expect Turkey to avoid a rhetorical escalation and to promote good neighborly relations with Greece and not the opposite,” he said.

As he has pointed out, any outstanding issues between Athens and Ankara should be resolved through dialogue and in line with international law. “Greece is a member state of the EU and the integrity and sovereignty of member states must be respected,” he has concluded.

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In this way, the EU has come out in defense of Athens after this past weekend, the Turkish leader said that the Greek authorities “will pay a high price” for the harassment of Turkish military aircraft in the Aegean Sea denounced the Greek “occupation” of islands in the area.

“It will pay a high price if it goes too far,” said Erdogan, who assured that Turkey “will do whatever is necessary.” As we usually say, it will be suddenly. We can come at night,” the Turkish leader threatened.

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