Ethiopian government says it will maintain peace offer as long as situation does not escalate

The Government of Ethiopia has affirmed this Saturday that it will maintain the peace offer, despite the refusals of the rebels, until the situation becomes more difficult.

According to the Executive, the institutions are trying to resolve the situation in the northern part of the country peacefully, despite the fact that “the terrorist group is showing that it is not ready for peace by preparing for another war,” said Leges Tulu, spokesman for the Presidency.

In this regard, Tulu has affirmed that the government “will never withdraw its outstretched hand for peace as long as there is no difficult situation.” In addition, he has pointed out that progress is being made in terms of peace, through measures to prevent armed groups “from becoming a problem for national security”.

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“Government organizations are returning to their place of origin in various territories and displaced citizens are returning,” Tulu explained, after stating that terrorist leaders are being destroyed. “Many indicated that they were surrendering and being captured,” he assured, in declarations picked up by the ENA agency.

On Wednesday, the Executive of Abyi Ahmed formed a peace committee with the aim of bringing positions closer and laying the foundations of a “future political dialogue” in order to conclude “as soon as possible” the peace talks and sign a truce with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), against which it has been fighting since 2020 in the northern part of the country, in a war that has caused a serious humanitarian crisis.

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The Tigray region is virtually isolated by military forces, limiting delivery to humanitarian aid in an area where more than 2 million people require assistance. Cuts in electricity and telecommunications supplies have also been imposed.

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