Ethereum: Shanghai update postponed for a few weeks

The update Shanghai on EthereumThis month’s event is expected to take place in the month ofApril.

Shanghai is a much awaited update for the holders ofethers placed in staking. It will allow the latter to recover their tokens locked since 2020.

Announced for March last December, the update should ultimately be deployed in the first two weeks of Aprilreports Decryptciting a call from ETH developers broadcast yesterday on Youtube.

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During the meeting, several prominent Ethereum developers, including Tim Beiko, made it known that the Shanghai deployment would “probably take place during the first two weeks of April.

According to the calendar, the MaJ will be first put online on the Goerli testnet around March 14 and, if everything goes smoothly, then so deployed about 3 weeks later on the main network of the second blockchain of the market.

Today, 17.2 million ethers, or nearly 15% of the total supply of the cryptocurrency, are staked by over 500,000 validators.

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