Kakarot zkEVM receives investment from Stake, Aglaé Ventures and Long Hash

French publisher of Kakarot zkEVM has completed a new round of financing to accelerate the development of its Ethereum scaling solutions.

Tuesday, KKRT Labs, the startup behind the Layer 2 solution Kakarot zkEVMannounced that it had received an undisclosed amount of investment from several major investors.

Stake Capital, Aglaé Ventures, OKX Ventures, Signum Capital and Long Hash Ventures participated in the round.

KKRT Labs is delighted to announce the completion of its second round of funding. The main objective of this funding is to expand our team and accelerate the development of our Ethereum scaling solutions,” the project wrote on X.

Founded in late 2022 by Frenchmen Clément Walter and Elias Tazartes, Kakarot Labs builds a zkEVM based on Cairo, a turing-complete language associated with Starkware’s CairoVM CPU architecture. The solution exploits STARK proofs to guarantee transparency and security.

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The power of Cairo has enabled us to build an EVM with only about 10,000 lines of code. This allows Kakarot to adapt more quickly to Ethereum and Cairo updates and new features. said the startup.

Its roadmap includes 3 major phases. The first is to bring EVM to Starknet. The second is to combine Kakarot with the Starknet Madara sequencer to create a layer 3 zkEVM. Finally, phase 3 will be dedicated to the activation of a type 1 zkEVM.

Last summer, Kakarot EVM raised funds from Starkware and Vitalik Buterin.

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