Startups Cloud Program, Google’s massive seduction weapon for Web3

Google Cloud continues its rise in power in the ecosystem Web3. To its technical solutions for blockchainsthe giant is now adding the Startups Cloud Program intended for young shoots of this nascent industry.

The Web3 startup market is now of undeniable interest to the major cloud service providers, hyperscalers Microsoft Azure, AWS (Amazon) and GCP (Google).

To capture this revenue and their future cloud spend, Google is working on its arsenal of seduction. The cloud branch of the American firm has just launched a program dedicated to projects and Web3 startupsthe Startups Cloud Program.

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Help for pre-seed and scaling startups

This one comes in two versions. The first one called Start tier targets projects without financing, at the pre-seed stage. With Scale tierGoogle Cloud is now targeting startups with one fundraising round under their belt, from seed to series A.

For the latter, the multinational is drawing a richer palette. To support their development and help them scale, it will provide them with up to $200,000 in credits on GCP.

In order to seduce the Web3 startupsThe company is multiplying its discounted services and assets, especially on its collaborative suite Workspace, but also invitations to the main conferences of the ecosystem (Paris Blockchain Week, Consensus, TOKEN2049 Singapore …).

Declination of Web2 cloud programs for Web3

Google has gradually introduced comparable offerings for web startups and pure-players, who are heavy consumers of cloud services. Unlike traditional companies, they often prefer outsourced infrastructures rather than on-premises.

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In order to conquer this emerging segment of startups, Google has been developing its integration with the crypto ecosystem in recent months. Through its program, the firm promises, for example, exclusive access to funding for reference foundations (Aptos, Celo, Flow, HBAR Foundation, Near, and Solana Foundation).

By subscribing to its cloud service in its Scale tier, companies will also be able to claim investments (up to three million dollars) brought by the Polygon Ventures Ecosystem Fund.

Google Cloud on Ethereum, Solana, Tezos and Celo

Google Cloud thus wants to be a facilitator of the development of Web3 startups, in addition to being a provider of technological products. In this area, the Californian has multiplied the announcements since the fall of 2022.

In October and November, Blockchain Node Engine was launched on Ethereum and the company announced compatibility with Solana for early 2023. It also portrayed BigQueryits reference cloud service, on the Solana blockchain.

This year, Google Cloud continued its initiatives by becoming a validator of the Tezos network. Finally, in April, it was the turn of the Celo Foundation To enter into a partnership with Google Cloud. This connection allows developers of applications on the Celo blockchain network to benefit from credits on GCP.

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