Ethereal and ConsenSys invest in Wallet Guard

Wallet Guarda browser extension allowing the users from Web3 to be protect from threats online, has completed a priming round led by Ethereal Ventures.

Sunday evening, Wallet Guard has announced that it has received a investment (amount not disclosed) from venture capital firms Ethereal Ventures and IOSG Ventures As well as the Ethereum studio ConsenSys.

The open source browser extension developed by Wallet Guard offers a ” multilayer defense “ranging from the detection of phishing to transactional simulation. The solution detects and blocks malicious activity while simplifying transaction processes.

‍We founded Wallet Guard to pursue one mission: to make security accessible to all users so they can stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape,” the startup wrote in its announcement.

Wallet Guard plans to roll out new features such as “approval revocation” and B2B APIs in the future.

“We are grateful for the support and confidence of our investors who share our vision of securing the Web3 via user-centric tools,” the company concluded.

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