adds eSIM functionality to phones without such capabilities

ESIM technology could completely replace regular SIM cards, with some advantages over physical ones. First of all, they are already integrated in the phone, so you can no longer risk losing the card or damaging it. Then, the registration of a plan can be done remotely, by scanning a QR code, without being present at a headquarters of the telecom operator. You can also change your operator whenever you want. For phones that are not equipped with this at the factory, there is now, a physical SIM card based on eSIM technology. is a good solution for those who often change their fare plan or travel to other countries

With, you can enjoy the benefits of eSIM even if your phone does not come equipped with such a digital card from the factory. Basically, it is installed in the traditional SIM card slot, but through a dedicated application, it can be configured like an integrated eSIM card. Of course, there are some limitations.

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First of all, you can only set up on Android devices (at least version 9.0), as Google’s operating system allows you to run applications that can install your own SIM manager. Some phones with older versions of Android may work, but this is not guaranteed.

All iPhones from iPhone XS to date have built-in eSIMs, so using doesn’t make much sense. However, once the SIM is set up with a tariff plan, it should work on the iPhone, just like a normal card. Only the configuration part through the official app is not available on Apple phones.

The service charges customers differently depending on the desired flexibility

But the way charges these cards is at least weird. There is Single plan, which allows use on a single device and offers the possibility of a single active device on each profile. However, two to five SIM cards can be stored on a single card, turning even a single-SIM phone into a dual-SIM phone. This plan costs between $ 25 and $ 30. Then there is Multi, which allows the use of cards on a single brand of phones, regardless of model. Thus, if you use Samsung and replace your phone with another Samsung, it will still work. Only one simultaneous connection is available, but you have between 5 and 10 numbers on one card. Prices reach $ 50 for this plan.

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Finally, there is OMNI, with two active cards simultaneously with up to 15 stored cards. These are not limited to one brand or phone model. The price for this plan is $ 70. But the most expensive is DUAL, which can store 30 numbers, two cards can be active on any type of phone. The price is $ 130. plans

The cost of transferring the device or brand for Single and Multi cards is $ 10.

The service is compatible with numbers from any country and for any operator offering eSIM functionality. At the same time, such cards are shipped worldwide. The delivery cost in Romania is 11.2 euros without tracking and 50 euros with tracking. Delivery is made within a maximum of one week, according to the official website.

source: Android Police

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