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Indie French studio Fireplace Games announces En Garde, and the game will launch on PC via Steam on August 16. En Garde! was one of Next Fests’ most prominent titles and was played by more than 50,000 players in just two weeks.

En Garde! is an action-adventure game that invites players to step into the shoes of Adalia de Volador, a famously reckless hero, in a whimsical rendition of 17th-century Spain. Take part in daring escapades full of charm and humor and challenge the cruel Count Duke with unparalleled style!

By fighting with flair, exchanging attacks, parrying and riposting against opponents, players can fill their Panache Meter and unlock special abilities. En Garde! encourages adaptability and improvisation, urging players to expose enemy weaknesses and use the environment to their advantage, whether through surprise attacks, stunning maneuvers or clever evasions.

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The battles of En Garde! are challenging and dynamic, encouraging players to apply cunning tactics, acrobatics and the ingenious use of environmental objects to defeat hordes of villains, guards and vicious nobles. Players can experience exciting story episodes or embrace their creativity in Arena Mode, where they face waves of different enemies with unique modifiers.

With beautifully hand-painted environments, theatrical characters and an abundance of jest and humor, En Garde! successfully captures the essence of classic reckless comedy and adventure from a bygone era.

Originally conceived as an award-winning student project, En Garde! is supported by Kowloon Nights, the independent gaming fund behind Sifu, Tchia, Scorn and Roller Drome. The team behind En Garde! has since expanded, allowing the studio to improve the depth and scope of the game.

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With its blend of humor, thrilling action and breathtaking spectacle, En Garde! promises players an unparalleled reckless adventure that is truly unique.

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