The Best Strategy Games on PC and Mobile (2023)

Strategy games allow you to have fun while grilling a few neurons in the process, which is not worse. Now, regardless of the platform, it is possible to find the best gameplay as well as exceptional graphics with the best strategy games on PC and mobile in 2023 via this guide.

PC & Mobile Strategy Games

Building, creating, anticipating, managing, defending and attacking, playing strategy games provides unparalleled fun. On mobile or PC, stimulating your gray matter for hours quickly becomes fun when you enjoy the best gameplay. Real-time strategy game or turn-based strategy games, so we offer you a complete tour of the references of the genre, in this ultimate guide.

Top 5 Best Strategy Games on PC in 2023

The last two decades have offered excellent PC strategy games to fans of the genre. Among the multitude of titles released, here are the five computer strategy games that absolutely to play in 2023.

1. Age of Empires (saga).

2. Warcraft (saga).

3. Clash of Clans.

4. Total War (saga).

5. X-COM (saga).

Age of Empires

Age of Empires (saga)

The Age of Empires saga originated in 1997 with the launch of the first part, and is a major player in the genre. A real-time strategy (RTS) game, the franchise puts players in control of great civilizations of antiquity, from the great Mesopotamian empires to ancient Egypt.

Between confrontations and strategies, Age of Empires is astonishing in its realism and stability. The variety of the field of action as well as those of weapons and strategies make, without a doubt, one of the best strategy games so far.

In total, four installments make the success of the Age of Empires franchise. After Ensemble Studios’ initial installment in 1997, Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings in 1999, and Age of Empires III in 2005, the series resumes in 2021. in 2021, with Age of Empire IV. This last title offered fans of strategy games of the first hour, a vibrant tribute to the previous episodes of the series.


Warcraft (saga)

Warcraft is a series of very popular real-time strategy games dating back to the late 90s. The saga is part of a medieval-fantasy imaginary world very close to Dojons and Dragons or The Lord of the Rings. The battles are aimed at repelling the invasion of the kingdom of Azeroth by the horde of Orcs from the parallel world of Draenor.

The franchise takes advantage and leverages the strengths of 3D to provide an immersive environment throughout the titles released. The commercial success of the game makes it even more iconic, making it one of the best strategy games to recommend.

The Warcraft saga is divided into three major chapters, with numerous expansions in between. The most recent real-time strategy game in this series, Warcraft III: Reforged, was launched in 2020, as a remastered edition of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. In this last part, the assumed integration of 3D plus new elements, such as more immersive events and iconic characters add ambition to the title.

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Clash of clans

Clash of Clans

Certainly more popular on smartphone than on PC, Clash of Clans still manages to rise to the top of favorite computer strategy games. Clash of Clans embeds an open and easy to assimilate game principle.

The goal is to build a clan through their villages while protecting themselves from neighbors somewhat jealous of its evolution. Defend, but also attack, because Clash of Clans offers the possibility to build alliances, and loot other villages.

Clash of Clans offers the opportunity to enjoy a fun and distracting strategy game. Participating in wars with the intention of strengthening one’s village as well as these alliances can quickly become addictive.


X-COM (saga)

Mentioning the best strategy games on PC without mentioning the XCOM trilogy is very unlikely. Launched in 1995 with UFO: Enemy Unkown (X-COM: UFO Defense), this turn-based saga plunges into the heart of a new kind of war against aliens.

In the ranks of the army specialized in the fight against external threats called eXtraterrial COMbat unit, only the use of well-crafted strategies offer a significant advantage.

For many Internet users even today, the XCOM franchise has achieved a flawless with its trilogy. Management, tactics and action, these games allow you to enjoy a long and stressful challenge accompanied by an amazing soundtrack. If the beginning is sluggish, the evolution of weapons will gradually balance forces with the aliens.

Total War

Total War (saga)

Between turn-based strategy, real-time tactics and management, Total War is a saga at a crossroads. His success began with the title Shogun: Total War, released in 2000 only on Microsoft Windows PC. The series offers a historical reconstruction of the war movements of the great wars and conquests that marked the previous generations.

The challenges in Total War strategy games offer the chance to take part in its military movements all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East. However, the series is subdivided into two parts, the first generation and the second. The integration of HD and UHD really allows the franchise to stand out from the various strategy games already existing.

Top 5 Best Mobile Strategy Games in 2023

On both mobile and PC, strategy games have already won the hearts of millions of people. However, finding the titles with the most current tools on iOS and Android is now a real quest. In this guide, you have, to the delight, the list of the 5 best strategy games on mobile in 2023.

1. Clash of Clans.

2. Plants vs. Zombies.

3. Marvel Snap.

4. Plague Inc.

5. Clash Royal.

Clash of Clans


The mobile version of the game Clash of Clans has nothing to envy to its big sister on PC. Besides, the ultra-popular real-time strategy game could well offer a better experience on our smartphones. Clash of Clans offers players the opportunity to conquer the world, starting from almost nothing.

Destroy enemy towers as well as enemy defenses and build your own fort, this is the goal of the game. The important thing is to survive as long as possible in a hostile environment where weapons, strategies and tools allow you to keep the advantage over other clans. Clash of Clans requires responsiveness and adaptation, plus major strategic reflections in order to continue its progression. The prestige version of the strategy game on mobile, to share unique moments with friends and / or family in this universe.

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Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies mobile

Moving from gardening to protecting yourself from a zombie attack is the crazy challenge in which Plants vs. Zombies already embarks millions of people around the world. This Android and iOS strategy game proposes to use plants as the only rampart, to resist and repel attacks of the undead.

Download from Google Play Store and App Store, Plant vs. Zombies is the perfect game to play with friends or family. The implementation of group strategy offers greater chances of survival during games with others. Plant vs. Zombie on mobile can quickly become addictive, especially from the moment you understand how to get out of it.

Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap mobile

The revelation of the strategy games of 2022, Marvel Snap is indeed part of this short list. Marvel Snap is a real breath of fresh air in the collectible card game category. This game is free to download on Google Play and App Store, for games that are both fast and very fun, as well as a huge progression curve.

Marvel Snap brings back a simple notion that makes its strategy game highly approachable. A catalog with a volume of cards below standards, short sessions not exceeding ten minutes, to allow beginners to evolve their decks faster.

Marvel Snap receives regular content updates, to take advantage of new locations and maps. The battle mode of the game welcomes perfectly the clashes between friends, during community tournaments.

Plague Inc

Plague Inc mobile

For once, Plague Inc is a strategy game that gives the opportunity to take the role of the villain. Democratized during the Covid-19 health crisis, Plague Inc invites players to participate in a significant spread of viruses around the world. What needs to be fought here are researchers and vaccines, redoubling ingenuity in implementing devastating new variants.

Plague Inc’s efforts are frequently focused on developing new techniques to evolve the numerous illnesses created. It is also possible to set bigger goals such as controlling humanity, or turning everyone into a vampire by its viruses. This strategy game of another kind is available for download on Android and iOS respectively on Google Play Store and App Store.

Clash Royale

Clash Royal mobile

For many, Clash Royale is definitely the best real-time strategy game on mobile to date. Far from discussing this position, this little gem is played entirely in PvP (Player vs Player). The diversity of modes as well as accessibility and replayability makes it a juggernaut of this category of mobile game.

Composing an overpowered battle deck is the perfect way to stay ahead of the competition in Clash Royale. The gameplay benefits from a well-paced pace that can quickly make the game addictive. Indeed, tons of trophies are to be collected during the various attacks to be carried out against the opposing central towers. Clash Royale, which is available as a free download on iOS and Android, guarantees variety and rapid play with frequent seasonal content.

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