Employees dodge meetings by letting bots take their place –

Now that the new normal is fully in effect, many people are suffering from constant meetings that could have been just an e-mail. However, some decide to drop the daily zoom calls and instead send bots to replace them.

As reported by The Guardian, this habit is not incredibly common, but those with the technical know-how can simply have a bot go to a meeting, take some notes, and then have their human stay informed of everything that is happening without sacrificing their efficiency.

Marketing director Colin Dougherty found himself as the only human participant in a meeting that was otherwise full of bots. It’s the latest step forward in AI, it seems we’re moving toward a more streamlined style of working, but there are concerns that we could lose a human connection, one that is especially needed with so many of us working from home.

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Workers dodge meetings by letting bots take their place

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