‘Emotional support’ alligator denied entry to U.S. baseball stadium -.

An “emotional support” alligator has been denied entry to the home of the Philadelphia Phillies prior to their game against Pittsburgh this week.

Wally, or WallyGator if you want to address him formally, is considered an emotional support animal. From his social media page, he seems quite tame, allowing people to give him hugs and kisses.

Joie Henney, Wally’s owner, told Sky he hoped to introduce the gator to the players. However, they were turned away. Henney didn’t seem too concerned about the ordeal. “It wasn’t a problem,” he said.

“We would go down [het stadion] but they were practicing for the game and couldn’t get a visit. They are going to get us before they go to their next game. Soon players will meet him.”

Henney claims Wally is a support animal because he helped his owner through depression, but it seems the stadium doesn’t quite qualify the gator as such.

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Do you think an alligator can be a support animal?

'Emotional support' alligator denied entry to U.S. baseball stadium

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