Gasoline and diesel prices at pumps today, March 13, 2022. What is the maximum rate per liter

Diesel and petrol are currently the leitmotif of an entire nation, especially after the latest hysteria at the pumps, a few days ago, of a photo that appeared online, which spread “at lightning speed” over all.

In fact, the hysteria of the price, in terms of petrol and diesel, is somewhat justified, since, in the last month, it has reached unimaginable values, increasing from day to day.

Although the long queues at gas stations have disappeared, Romanians continue to be extremely interested in the price of pumps.

In this regard, Consumer Protection has carried out checks at more than 90 petrol stations, in the context of the speculation that many companies have resorted to. Millions of lei were fined and even in Satul Mare, a gas station was closed for a month.

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How to find out the best price for petrol and diesel in the country

In order to combat the spread of false news, the Competition Council has made available to all car owners an official website that provides real-time information on the price of petrol and diesel in your immediate vicinity.

The Price Monitor accesses your geolocation, so that you can then select what interests you: standard petrol, premium petrol, standard diesel, premium diesel, LPG or, as the case may be, electric charging.

Then, the site will show you all the prices in your area, so that you can choose the smallest one, today, March 13, 2022. Moreover, you can choose which is the search area – in other words, how much you are willing to go to buy the cheapest gasoline or diesel.

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It should be mentioned that there is also an application in this regard, which can be downloaded directly from your store (valid for Android, but also for iPhone users).

For example, compared to yesterday, Petrom slightly increased its prices. If yesterday, standard gasoline at the pump cost 7.85 lei / liter, today it is 7.98 lei / liter.

Instead, the Russian company Lukoil chose to lower the prices a little, yesterday, from 7.97 lei / liter to 7.95 lei / liter.

Such small differences can be observed in the case of all gas stations in the country, although, in the rest of the cases, the standard gasoline is slightly higher than 8 lei / liter.

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