Elon Musk confirms he had ex-girlfriend Amber Heard dress up as Mercy -.

The latest biography of Elon Musk has been released with some interesting new details about the Tesla and X owner’s life. One small anecdote claimed that he had ex-girlfriend Amber Heard cosplayed as Mercy from Overwatch.

Surprisingly, Musk himself confirmed this story, with a photo to prove it. The cosplay is quite impressive, as Heard seems to have gone to extremes to get solid wings and a halo. We won’t go into why this happened, because it’s probably best not to think about it, but at least the cosplay is cool.

Musk reportedly asked Heard to do the cosplay while filming DC’s Aquaman. Heard will have a smaller role in the upcoming sequel, with some claiming it has to do with her lawsuit against Johnny Depp.

Elon Musk confirms he made ex-girlfriend Amber Heard dress up as Mercy

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