Swarovski re-creates trophy for the FNCS Global Championship 2023

The jewelry company Swarovski has returned to create the trophy for the FNCS Global Championshipbefore the start of the main event in Copenhagen, Denmark. The trophy will have a wide base with the FNCS logo created with Swarovski crystals as the centerpiece.

The Austrian company specializes in crystal and crystal glass as well as jewelry. It is one of the best known and has hundreds of stores worldwide. This is not the first trophy created by Swarovski. The company previously worked with FNCS to create the trophy for the 2022 edition. The figure of the 2023 trophy remains the same as the 2022 trophy, but the overall dimensions have changed.

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According to Swarowski, the base is largere, the arms are longer and the trophy is now gold and silver instead of silver and purple.. With the increase in dimensions, the weight has also increased. The new trophy weighs just over nine kilograms, compared to about seven kilograms. last year.

The trophy see will be exhibited at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen. prior to the LAN event so that visitors can see it in person. In addition, the trophy is now available in the Fortnite Item Shop. in the video game.

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The FNCS Global Championship will be held October 13-15 at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark.and will have a prize purse of $4M. The 75 teams (duos format) with the most points throughout the season will compete for prize money as well as the new and improved trophy. Participating players are decided through their performance in the Majors, major competitive events that have been included this year for the first time.

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