Elon Musk cannot decide Twitter policy again -.

The latest chapter in Elon Musk’s book tearing apart the best social media out there is all about Light Mode. It was reported yesterday that Musk ended the feature, believing that people only used Dark Mode anyway, and so he would prioritize it.

Due to complaints, he has since reversed that decision, but is still canceling Dim Mode, which in itself is causing quite a stir. The removal of Light Mode was heavily criticized as being ableist because it would make viewing the site and posts a lot more difficult for some viewers.

As Elon’s reign of terror over Twitter continues, it becomes clearer that instead of trying to create his own app, he is using his huge money to take over Twitter and remake it in his own image. Think about that, but with every major change Musk makes, it is bound to generate controversy.

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Elon Musk cannot decide Twitter policy again

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