Overwatch 2 Trailer Shows New Flashpoint Map – That’s Gaming

In addition to the first three PvE story missions, Overwatch 2 will receive a new PvP mode in Season 6: Invasion with Flashpoint. It is a core element of the playlist with three launches featuring three maps, and a new map, Suravasa, has been revealed via Twitter. Located in India, it lies across a river and even has a Shambali temple.

As for the mode itself, Flashpoint is about fighting for three positions on the map (double flashpoints). Five flashpoints are present on each map, and once a team has captured one, the next one becomes available. The first team to capture three flashpoints wins. It sounds somewhat like King of the Hill, and like that mode, the order in which flashpoints become active is random.

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The other flashpoint map we know of is New Junk City. Stay tuned for more details on the third map in the coming weeks. Overwatch 2: Invasion goes live on Aug. 10 and adds a new Support hero. Hero Mastery is also coming, but will be available later in the season.

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