Electric water gun even has a tactical display

Summer, sun – and water cannon? Spyra water gun enthusiasts recently launched their deluxe water gun SpyraThree. What sounds trivial is of particular interest to gamers who want to bring the call-of-duty battle to the lake in the summer. The highlight: The SpyraThree is an electronic water gun.

How does the SpyraThree work? Water gun fanboy and content creator Johnny Hand demonstrates in the short video below why hitting each other in the head with Spyra – or similar high-performance water guns – can be ridiculously fun.

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What is the SpyraThree?

The SpyraThree is, as the product name reveals, the third product in the manufacturer’s spray gun portfolio. The product could be worthwhile, especially for fast-reacting first-person shooter fans who want to take their favorite screen hobby outdoors – especially if you’ve already played through airsoft, paintball and nerf guns.

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Technical specs

  • Regular range: fast 10 Meter
  • Range in PowerShot mode: about 15 meters
  • Convenient charging: Put the muzzle of the water gun in the water and pull the trigger. According to the product description, the gun fills with water in seconds.
  • Tactical display: This informs the aqua shooter about the water and battery status.
  • Battery: The press release from the product provider states that the built-in battery allows the water tank to be fully charged up to 100 times (a full water tank contains around 22 water jets)

Shot Modes:

  • League-Mode: In this mode you fire a limited number of shots – after that you have to reload.
  • Open mode: This mode also allows you to shoot around – but without reloading.
  • Blast Mode: Once the trigger is triggered, the device fires three shots at once (in this mode, the tank should empty particularly quickly).
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cost point: 179 US-Dollar (169 Euro)

All further information is available on the spyra.com website.

Another product in the range Weird tech gadget that brings fun and joy – but the world doesn’t really need it, is the MS18 from Imalent; a high-performance flashlight with 100,000 lumens of radiation and a range of almost 1.5 kilometers.

Patrick You can

Gone are the days of giggling and circling people around to rake them with a squirt gun. Unfortunately. Also, I’m not festival-goer enough to say to myself: Paying almost 170 euros for a water pistol: That is an investment that makes sense. Nope!

Sure, I would like to put my hands on the device. No question.

What do you think of such electronic water guns? Is this an adult toy that you enjoy using yourself, or are you not into those war games at the paddling pool? Write us your opinions in the comments!

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