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Google is testing new text-based stickers for the Gboard keyboard


Automatically proposed based on typed words, the new stickers that can be inserted using the Gboard keyboard will work as an alternative way of expression for users.

Despite the competition from very good alternatives such as Swiftkey, the Gboard keyboard continues to dominate the preferences of Android users, who have little reason to be dissatisfied. Gboard features include automatic grammar correction and the prediction of the next word in the sentence, glide / swipe mode that can greatly speed up typing speed and countless expression options using emoji, animated GIFs and sitckers, easy to discover with with the help of the integrated search function. The Gboard benefits list also includes support for multilingual typing, including voice typing.

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Returning to the new option for text stickers, they are self-suggested based on typed words and phrases, helping to convey the right message in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.

For example, they will appear when you say goodbye to the person you are talking to, and may be inserted next to or even in place of that message. Sticker suggestions appear for a wide variety of phrases and in several variants, some without added text.

At the same time, it is expected that the new type of text stickers will not appear for all languages ​​supported by the Gboard keyboard, with Google gradually extending the new functionality.

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