Electric cars are increasingly sold in Romania: what the data on Romanians’ preferences show

The Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Importers has finalized the report on the evolution of the new car market in Romania.

Based on the data of the Directorate of Driving Permits and Vehicle Registration, the report of the Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Importers shows that after the first four months of 2022 the market for new cars increased by 36%, to 37,031 units.

In this context, electrified cars increased by 131.1%, reaching a market share of 19.7%.

At the same time, APIA notes that “in the first four months of this year, gasoline engines recorded an increase of 42.2% compared to the same period in 2021, thus reaching a share of 64.9%. Cars equipped with diesel engines register a decrease of 20.7% compared to the first four months of 2021 and have a share of 15.3% of the total “.

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The association’s report also mentions that electrified cars came to have a “market share of 19.7%, which exceeds by 4.4% and 1,644 units the share held by diesel engines.”

Electric motors are in high demand

As in 2021, when, although there was a decrease in car purchases in general, the “green” ones performed, in 2022, purchases in this category had a major increase compared to the same period last year. In this context, the significant increase of 100% electric cars (+ 487.4%) and plug-in hybrid cars (+ 159.5%) is noteworthy.

In the first four months of 2022, it is worth noting the evolution at the top of the ranking where the top five best-selling 100% electric cars are Dacia Spring, with 1,458 units, model launched in 2021, Tesla Model 3, 235 units, with an increase of 25 or compared to the same period last year, Hyundai Kona with 171 units, up 612.5%, Renault Zoe with 106 units, up 194.4% and Volkswagen e-UP! by 95 units, down 4%.

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In terms of plug-in cars, the Top 5 of the models is driven by Ford Kuga, with 119 units, followed by Mercedes-Benz GLE with 96 units, Hyundai Tucson with 87 units, Mercedes-Benz GLC with 79 units and Renault Captur with 70 units.

The segment of unloaded hybrid cars from external sources is completely dominated by the Japanese brand Toyota. The Japanese have in first place the Corolla model, with 617 units, followed in second place by C-HR, with 579 units, and on the third by RAV4 with 400 units.

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