eFootball and Rocket League at the EGECs

Global Esports Federation (GEF) and the European Olympic Committee (EOC) have announced new details about the upcoming European Games Esports Championships (EGEC). The championships, which will take place in Poland in June of this year, will see players from all over Europe competing in eFootball 2023 and Rocket League.

It will be held during the third edition of the “European Games”, which will take place in Krakow and the Polish region of Małopolska, and will be the inaugural edition of the esports event. The tournaments will take place at the International Congress Center in Katowice (Poland).a city known for its legacy in esports through various IEM events.

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In addition to the tournaments, the GEF announced the. GEFestival and the GEFcon. GEFestival will be a B2C event focusing on video games, music and entertainment, while GEFcon is conceived as a conference of “thought leaders and idea creators” in business, e-sports and technology.

In conjunction with the inaugural edition of the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Esports Week in Singapore, the. European Games Esports Championships will also showcase the crossover between e-sports and traditional sports entities.. Although Olympic Esports Week has received some criticism for the games that will be played, the EGE Championships will feature two well-known titles in esports (RL and eFootball).

The Esports Championships are an extraordinary addition to the European Games lineup and underline the vision of the diversity and inclusivity of the esports world, highlighting the common ground they share in terms of dedication, strategy and the pursuit of excellence. We are delighted to collaborate with Global Esports Federation on the first of many planned initiatives.

Spyros Capralos, President of the EOC

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