Easter special edition of the ALTCEVA podcast with Adrian Artene and Father Constantin Necula

Father Constantin Necula is the guest of Adrian Artene in the podcast ALTCEVA on Saturday, April 23, in a special edition dedicated to the Easter holidays.

Don’t miss a new edition of the podcast that will be broadcast starting at 7 pm on the YouTube channel ALTCEVA with Adrian Artene!

Father Necula, one of the most appreciated and popular Christian Orthodox priests in Romania, talks about the war in Ukraine and where God is in this bloody war.

At the same time, he talks about Nicolae Ceaușescu and talks about how the dictator paved the road to Tismana Monastery.

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Constantin Necula graduated from the “Andrei Saguna” Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Sibiu, in 1994, as head of promotion. He is an Orthodox priest and university professor at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Sibiu, known to the public for his numerous appearances at conferences and televised debates.

Adrian Artene has been publishing in the national press since 1996. He has a double degree in Journalism and Law, and two master’s degrees in Theology and Criminal Sciences. He is the author of the book “State Mafia”, but also of the volumes of poems “Loves for which God also cried” and “The punctuation of love”.

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He is a member of the Union of Professional Journalists and, at the same time, of the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists. He has won numerous awards for the investigative press, as well as literary awards.

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