Donald Trump’s accounts officially unblocked by Facebook and Instagram

As decided just a few weeks ago, Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts have been officially unblocked. The former US president has thus been absent from the Meta platforms for just over two years, and his attempts to return to them of late are most likely due to his upcoming campaign to return to the country’s leadership in the 2024 election.

Donald Trump, the former US president, has returned to social media from Meta

Despite Trump being unblocked from Twitter a few months ago already, he has not resumed his activity on the social network now controlled by Elon Musk. Most likely, the former president’s activity will also be missing from his Facebook and Instagram accounts, at least until the middle of this year. The reason appears to be a semi-exclusive agreement he has with the social network Truth, which he co-founded.

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So he may not be abandoning Truth, but he is reportedly trying to waive the terms of his contract with his own social network. Current estimates say that by June, he could resume work on other social networks.

More important than posting on social media, however, is the ability to create election ad campaigns on the Meta and Twitter platforms. In 2016, when he won the election against candidate Hillary Clinton, Facebook ads played a huge role. In fact, the fact that his 2020 campaign was mainly based on previous experience, without taking into account the changes Facebook made in the wake of the Cambride Analytica scandal, led to his election loss to Joe Biden.

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Trump’s unlocked account has more than 30 million followers on Facebook and more than 20 million on Instagram. Those, even added together, are smaller than the 85+ million followers Trump has on Twitter.

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