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Huawei announces integration with the Bolt hailing ride service directly in Petal Maps


Huawei has announced a continuation of its partnership with the Bolt hailing ride service, integrating the functionality of calling a car directly into its map services, Petal Maps, in Romania. Users who use Huawei mobile phones equipped with Huawei Mobile Services, but also those who use Petal Maps from the Google Play Store, will have access to this functionality, without first opening the Bolt application.

You can call a Bolt machine directly from Huawei’s map service

Of course, the Bolt app is still needed to call a car. It must be installed and you must be logged in with a Bolt account in order to use the new functionality in Petal Maps.

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The option to travel via Bolt appears as an alternative to the methods of navigation for walking, public transport or personal car. Once you choose your starting point and destination, you can choose the option to navigate with Bolt, which automatically sends you to the ride hailing app. To launch this capability, customers can also benefit from a special offer, which can reduce the cost of a ride by 7 lei, if it is accessed through Petal Maps, until March 30.

Bolt is Huawei’s partner not only in Romania, the hailing ride company launching in the last 12 months the Bolt applications for transport, food deliveries and Driver on Huawei AppGallery in Europe, but also in Africa.

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Petal Maps, launched less than two years ago, currently enjoys over 20 million monthly users globally. In the meantime, the app has received updates such as Lane Guidance, Offline Maps, and new search capabilities for points of interest. Bolt integration is just one more feature, probably designed to attract more users to Petal services, which are trying to make up for the lack of services from Google.

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