Donald Trump sells his mugshot as trading card –

As it stands now, Donald Trump is still seeking the US presidential nomination in 2024, but if he does not get that gig, it is certain that he will not run out of money anytime soon. As he announced on Twitter/X, he already has a new line of NFT trading cards.

Trump’s new “Mugshot” collection once again collects some of the former president’s digital art. They sell for $99 USD each, and if you buy – for whatever reason – 47 of them, you get a physical card of Trump’s mugshot, with a piece of the suit he wore on the day the famous photo was taken.

If you grab the entire collection, you can also visit Trump’s Florida residence for a gala dinner. He has already hosted a similar event from his latest batch of tickets, which sold out within hours. Just goes to show how many Trumpheads are still out there, I guess. & #10

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Donald Trump sells his mugshot as a trading card

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