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Since Starfield’s launch, Bethesda Game Studios has been busy further polishing and adding new features, and the developer has confirmed that a few more of the latter are in the works.

The company recently confirmed in a response to Starfield that it is working on several fixes and improvements for the game based on community feedback, with support for FSR3 and XeSS expected to appear in an update in early 2024. In addition, the developer is also working on finally adding city maps, and perhaps more importantly, “new ways to travel.”

“We have been working hard on many of the issues you have posted, and expect an update early next year that will include a large number of ‘in-progress’ quest fixes, as well as FSR3 and XeSS,” Bethesda Game Studios wrote. “While we have fixed several quest issues, ‘in-progress’ quest fixes are much harder to fix and we have built a new system to correct them without having to revert your save.

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“We’re also hard at work on many new features you guys have been asking for, from city maps, to mod support, to entirely new ways to travel (stay tuned!).”

What exactly is meant by “new ways of travel” remains to be seen, but one would hope that this means Bethesda is working on adding land vehicles to the game to make planetary exploration faster and less tedious. There is a chance that the developer is referring to new ways to travel through space, or perhaps even new and more convenient fast travel systems, but considering land vehicles have been heavily requested by the community virtually since the day the game came out, we would be surprised if Bethesda decided to prioritize other travel methods over them.

Meanwhile, the studio has also confirmed that it will release major updates about once every six weeks to allow enough time to test them thoroughly before they go live, with smaller hotfixes in between those six-week periods.

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“These will be rolled out with a regular rhythm of fixes and updates that we expect about every six weeks,” the studio wrote. “If something can be done in a smaller hotfix in between (like the asteroid), and we feel it is safe, we will release one as well. Safety is the key here. We take a lot of time to test even the smallest change in a game of this size and dynamic.”

As previously confirmed, full mod support for Starfield will arrive sometime in 2024, while Bethesda Game Studios also has the first expansion, Shattered Steel, in the works. With more than 250 people still working on Starfield in the studio, there is clearly a lot of new features and content coming to the game in the future.

Starfield is available on Xbox Series X/S and PC. The game has reached 12 million players worldwide. Read our review here.

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