Donald Trump and Joe Biden duel in Overwatch

Sources: Jim WatsonAFPGETTY IMAGES;  Brendan SmialowskiAFP

Sources: Jim Watson/AFP/GETTY IMAGES; Brendan Smialowski/AFP

How would it sound if Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the current President of the United States of America, went head-to-head in the multiplayer shooter Overwatch? Well, that boosts the mental cinema, doesn’t it?

Given the appropriate gamer vocabulary, it could sound pretty much the same as in the TikTok video by user @voretecks. He uses artificial intelligence to shove both former and current US Presidents into verbal mayhem typical of online gaming. But click and listen for yourself first:

True to the motto: Between educational, substantial or even mind-expanding content, artificial intelligence can sometimes fire up the high art of comedy. A completely different mix of AI and PC games can be found in the following article:

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Entering the Presidential Gaming Universe

Based on the funny video above, many imitators have now gathered around @voretecks. Often no less talented, these free riders use the same AI technology to send Biden and Trump into more online gaming matches.

A Yu-Gi-Oh!-Game, Tekken 7 or Minecraft are just some of the games in which the presidential combatants turn on each other. In places, even the ex-presidents join Barack Obama and Georg W. Bush or German politicians fighting head of state against head of state.

Because of this snowball effect, in which more and more such videos with similar content are successively created, it is now often dated Presidential Gaming Universe the speech. But it will probably be a while before Kevin Feige and his Marvel Cinematic Universe kneel in front of the presidential competition.

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And yet: The gaming universe of the US presidents is thus opened up, whether we want it or not!

How do you rate such meme-tastic online content? Is this a fun pastime that reflects the creativity of the makers and the technical advances in terms of artificial intelligence? Or do you generally see the topic of AI rather critically, also with a view to possible fakes that should be taken seriously and that are not just for entertainment? Feel free to debate it in our comments!

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