Dodo Re Mi announced for The Jackbox Party Pack 10 – That’s Gaming

Yesterday, Jackbox Games announced that the latest title in the upcoming The Jackbox Party Pack 10 is Dodo Re Mi – the very first musical game released by Jackbox Games.

Dodo Re Mi sees players using their phones as instruments – playing songs together as bird-like band members to feed a hungry music plant, while doing their best to avoid being eaten!

Featuring both original songs and familiar music played in unexpected genres, each player selects an instrument to play – controlled via their phone – and can hear their band members’ instruments as they work together in real time, to create a hopefully life-saving melody.

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The Jackbox team spoke to PlayStation Blog about the origins, difficulties and new experiences that accompanied their first foray into music games, and how this new idea continues their long history of reimagining what you can do with your phone as a controller.

In addition to Dodo Re Mi rounding up the 5 games of The Jackbox Party Pack 10, this week also saw the first-ever gameplay unveiling of the previously announced group text chaos game, Fixytext, with OutsideXbox!

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