Disney Shanghai closes for Covid-19 and leaves visitors confined until they are tested

The theme park Shanghai Disneyland closed its gates last Monday due to a emergency closure decreed by the Chinese authorities. As a result, visitors to the site have been forced to stay until they test negative for Covid-19.

All those who have visited the park since Thurs. must test negative for Covid-19 three times.for three consecutive days and “avoid any participation in collective activities,” the authorities stressed.

The loudspeakers of the complex warned that the park would close the gates immediately at 11:39 a.m. (local time). Both the main theme park and nearby, including its shopping street, were closed until further notice to comply with virus restrictions imposed by China.

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Tourists must stay inside the theme park “until they are negative on the site“, authorities said in a statement posted online Monday.

China is the largest economy to implement a policy of Covid zeroThis results in confinements as soon as positive cases appear, almost mandatory PCR tests several times a week or even quarantine of people coming from risk areas. Last week, however, the following cases were recorded 2,699 cases of Covid-19 in China.including ten asymptomatic cases in Shanghai, according to the National Health Commission.

The Shanghai City Hall communicated on its social networks the closure of the park and the obligation for visitors and tourists to stay inside while waiting for the result of the planned analysis. These measures, which lead to these unexpected closures of companies and centers, weigh heavily on the economy.

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Disney had previously announced that the park would be “temporarily closed with immediate effect in accordance with the control measures of epidemics”, and added: “We will inform you as soon as we have a reopening date”. The theme park will reimburse o will change the entries for visitors scheduled to arrive in the next few days, and will be notified when a scheduled opening date is available.

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