Disney + can’t stand competition: what did the giant do with Marvel series and why might Netflix get annoyed

The Disney + streaming channel doesn’t seem to like the competition very much. In fact, who likes it? But what he did recently has every chance of annoying Netflix or even “saddening” them a little.

Obviously, in the light of the multitude of streaming channels around the world, competition is a very common thing. Therefore, it may be inconvenient for one of them to broadcast series on which the logo of another appears at some point.

Disney + refuses to advertise on Netflix

This is also the case with Disney +, which has chosen to delete any Netflix footprint from Marvel series such as “Daredavil”, “Jessica Jones”, “Luke Cage”, “Iron Fist”, “The Defenders”. or “The Punisher.”

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The move came immediately after it was announced that these series would disappear from Netflix and move to Disney +. They have been uploaded to Disney + with minor tweaks to make any mention of Netflix disappear.

The announcement was made on Twitter:

However, it should be remembered that Netflix has always preferred the slightly uncensored and much darker versions of its series, since Disney + is a streaming channel for the whole family. So, in this context, there have been concerns about additional editions of the series moved here.

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Fortunately, as far as we know, at least in the case of “The Defenders”, it seems that no censorship has been applied.

Moreover, at the moment, there is a concrete reboot plan for the “Daredevil” production.

In conclusion, although the decision of Disney + is a fair one, since it “adopted” these series on its platform, we can say that the movement denotes a certain lack of self-confidence. After all, Netflix has been, is and will remain the most visited streaming platform in the world for a while.

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