Tesla, again forced to eliminate a function on 579,000 cars for “accident risk”

Tesla cars have stood out in the last few years due to the fact that they receive all sorts of unconventional functions through software updates. In addition to the ability to watch streaming movies or play games on the car’s center console, Tesla has also integrated modes without real utility, such as the ability to sync car lights with music or make “funny” sounds through external speakers. However, the function, later called “Boombox”, has been declared “unsafe” by the US authorities and will be removed.

Tesla removes Boombox capability from its cars at the request of the authorities

Recently, the NHTSA, the US authority that regulates road safety in the country, has been urging Tesla to repair or eliminate certain functions that could endanger traffic. In the case of Boombox, the ability to play funny sounds through external speakers, NTHSA representatives say that these sounds could cover the sound that electric cars are forced to play in motion, so that they can be heard by pedestrians while driving.

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Thus, all Tesla Model S, Model X and Model Y cars delivered between 2020 and 2022, as well as certain variants of Model 3 delivered between 2017 and 2022 will receive an “over the air” update that will eliminate the Boombox capability from the software. A total of 579,000 cars are affected by this new “recall”. Fortunately, drivers do not have to go to the service to “fix” their cars, they just have to connect them to Wi-Fi or let them update via the on-board internet.

Recently, Tesla cars equipped with Full Self-Driving capability were also “called into service” because the automatic driving system did not stop at the stop sign, but continued to run very slowly if it did not detect immediate dangers.

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According to Tesla, its cars were not involved in accidents caused by the Boombox function:

“While the Boombox may make it easier for pedestrians to observe, a vehicle using a moving Boombox may cause the PWS (pedestrian warning system) to no longer comply with FMVSS 141, which may increase the risk of a collision. Tesla is not aware of any accidents, injuries or fatalities related to this condition. “

source: electrek

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