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The battle for the souls of Sanctuary reaches new heights! Famous artists have transformed the ceiling of a deconsecrated cathedral in France with the demonic art of Diablo IV, the next installment in the genre-defining video game series. The installation is part of a campaign involving world-renowned baroque artist Adam Miller working with MJZ director Henry Hobson, Charles Dance, best known for Game of Thrones, and Blizzard Entertainment to bring the game’s central images and scenes to life in a truly gothic setting.


  • The 48-meter-long mural is a conglomeration of 20 unique paintings covering the antique ceiling and dome, along with a massive mural along the back wall. “This is a very unique project,” Adam Miller said, “It’s a wonderful opportunity to be able to paint figuratively on this large scale in an environment like this.” To accomplish this, Miller and his team painted on canvas before installing it in the cathedral to achieve the same look as iconic historic murals in the vein of Caravaggio and Michelangelo.
  • Accompanying the installation is a filmed journey through the cathedral. The film, directed by Henry Hobson and voiced by Charles Dance from Game of Thrones, is made so that viewers can feel for themselves the space, the artwork and the effects of the battle. “The unique world of Diablo is a great playground to experience as a director – creeping tension, dark, menacing, framed by awe-inspiring artistic vision. Using Adam’s work as a base, the unique classical space ‘bastardized’ by Adam’s Renaissance universe, with layers of mystery and distraction from the world while a battle rages in space, it was a mesmerizing experience. After all, where better to play as a storyteller than within the canvas of a richly constructed video game world?” Hobson said. As the camera travels along the walls, viewers can explore the five classes of Diablo IV Follow as they battle the forces of evil in the ultimate battle between Light and Darkness.
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In addition, a select group of lucky gamers will have the chance to be included in the artwork itself. Eligible gamers who jump into the Open Beta in March will have the chance to be selected and painted into their own scene as a Diablo hero battling the evil of Lilith. Everyone will then receive a video of Adam painting him into the artwork. To enter the contest and read the full promotional rules, go here.

Gamers can join Diablo team members Rod Fergusson (General Manager), Joe Shely (Game Director), Daniela Rodriguez (Marketing Director) and Adam Fletcher (Community Lead) later today in a live Q&A session on Twitter Spaces to learn more about Diablo’s Cathedral and the upcoming Diablo IV Beta

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One of the most anticipated games of 2023, Diablo IV will be released on June 6. Open Beta is scheduled for March 24 – 26, 2023, and those who pre-order will get early access from March 17 to March 19, 2023.

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