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The very first season of Diablo IV in our long-running content schedule, Season of the Malignant, is officially live today! Dive into Sanctuary to take on the dangerous, new Malignant Monsters and work with a former priest of the Cathedral of Light, Cormond, to make their Malignant Hearts capture and use their power to your advantage. Starting this season, we will also begin the very first Season Journey and Battle Pass, where anyone can earn Favor and Season boosts just by playing the game, or cosmetics if you choose to buy the paid portion of the Battle Pass.

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As a reminder, seasons give all players a chance to start the Season Journey fresh with the new features and gameplay mechanics that have been added.

  • With everyone on a level playing field, players can try out new classes and builds they are curious about, or journey through the season with an existing favorite class/build while using the seasonal mechanics for a new experience.
  • Leveling up a new character does not require you to start all over again, as it brings with it the previous renown gained from discovering the map and the benefits of the Altars of Lilith that players have found. To ensure your renown transfers to your seasonal character, first log in with your eternal character that has made the most progress.
  • Once you unlock the mount, you can also use it immediately on your new character.
  • At the end of each season, all characters are migrated to the Eternal Realm, where players have permanent access to them.
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