Dell introduces Concept Luna, a fully modular, screwless laptop design

Dell, one of the giants of the PC industry, is taking a bold step in the opposite direction from rivals like Lenovo and Apple. Concept Luna is a fully modular, screwless laptop design that can be assembled and disassembled in seconds.

Just as the PC market is going through one of its steepest sales declines ever, Dell is taking steps in a risky direction that could dent its profits. But if it succeeds, the plan could win the loyalty of a large group of consumers who want to be able to repair/upgrade their purchased laptops themselves, without running into all sorts of roadblocks and exorbitant fees charged by companies like Apple.

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Demonstrated in a YouTube video, Concept Luna is a fully modular design that allows a laptop to be disassembled in less than a minute, almost down to the last component.

Thus, the aluminium housing appears as a shell in which you can attach the modular components as in a jigsaw puzzle, a single screwdriver-like tool is enough to clip/unclip any component.

Operations such as replacing the screen or the internal battery can be done in seconds, without forcing off strong adhesives or being stopped by non-standard screws, for which only the manufacturer has the right screwdriver. Plus there are no ribbon connectors or other items to be damaged in the disassembly operation.

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For example, the modular parts all have QR codes, which would theoretically allow each laptop to be custom configured to the buyer’s requirements. At the same time, the upgrade could be done at home by ordering another compatible module from the internet.

Even if it’s not a real product yet, Concept Luna shows that Dell is putting more emphasis on sustainability and protecting the environment. By simplifying repair work, Dell is making it possible to extend the lifespan of future generations of laptops.

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